Falcon Boat Club Gym - Rules, Guidance and Policies (March 2023)

The Gym is located in the 4th bay of the clubhouse, and is undergoing ongoing development to meet the needs of the club. To date it has been developed by an informal commitee of interested persons and this is expected to continue, with oversight by the Facilities Commitee.

Up until March 2023, the model for using the gym has been based on supervised sessions only, by appropriately qualified persons, to ensure adequate safety and duty of care - underpinned by an individual consent form process.

The FBC Trustees have now agreed to open the gym to all adult members as individual users without supervision, provided certain conditions are met. Juniors (aged under 18) may only use the gym in the aforementioned supervised model.

In order to use the gym as an adult in a non-supervised model, there are 3 steps to take ;

1. Read the FBC Gym Use and Safety Guidelines

2. Complete the FBC Gym Consent Form and submit to the club (email address includes in the consent form)

3. Complete an induction session (as documented in the FBC Gym Use and Safety Guidelines).

Note that access to the Gym is controlled by the use of Fobs - all Adult fobs have been enabled for Gym access, however the club requires all members qualified to use the gym to have completed the above 3 steps before doing so - this is a condition of membership.

These documents along with a summary of rules of use are posted in the gym. The guidelines for Induction are also included below for transparency, but these are intended only for the use of the Inductors.

The below sheet lists all the people who have completed the induction sessions. This is managed by the inductors as identified in the FBC Gym Use and Safety Guidelines.

FBC Gym Induction Record