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We are the Falcon Junior Rowing Squad at Falcon Boat Club. The junior squad is a thriving and successful section with 40 to 50 juniors rowing regularly in the annual programme. Please feel free to explore the junior pages to find out more about us, and the wider site to explore Falcon Boat Club as a whole.

The Falcon Junior Rowing Squad is currently made up of around fifty 11 to 18 year old boys and girls, and is set-up to be competitive in the sport of rowing. This means we race at local, regional, and national level regattas. We encourage athletes to compete in two events throughout the year as a minimum, and although we love to win, these events are in order to experience the fullness of the rowing environment rather than the rush of medal tallying endorphins.

However, we understand that rowing is in addition to many other activities, including the priority of academic studies. For this reason we aim to educate athletes in the commitment rowing takes so that they can choose a level of training which works for them. Much of the fun derived from rowing comes from the participation in training to a good level and then competing against others, but we accommodate everyone where they are. Those who go on to compete and succeed at high levels are those who put the effort in consistently throughout the year. They also frequently achieve impressive grades at exams due to the discipline required to manage rowing along side academic studies and the benefits training to a high level has on both mind and body.

As a squad we were first established in 2011 and over that year our first juniors learnt to row. We attended our first ever race in April 2012 and achieved our first race win in September 2012. Since then we've achieved numerous race wins. We have also achieved six national finals, a gold and a bronze at the Junior National Sculling Regatta, a silver medal at Brit Champs and at Junior Inter-Regionals, a national bronze medal and three juniors have attended GB trials.

Timings for joining.

Our intake for beginners is every September, but we strongly encourage those wishing to join to attend one of our Summer Courses in the preceding months of July and August. 

For those who might be returning to rowing after a break, or looking to join mid-season for other reasons, please contact the Juniors' Head Coach, Nick Kenworthy-Browne via email.

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Please note: unfortunately we are unable to accept juniors younger than 11 years old for the rowing squad--age is from the 1st of September so if your junior was not 11 by the 1st September which has just passed, then please wait for the new season to commence. For those much younger, please consider looking at our partner section in the kayaking and canoeing side of the club by clicking here. That said, if they are due to turn 11 before the next season begins and they wish to learn to row, then we encourage you to have look into the summer courses which will help them prepare for becoming members of the Falcon Junior Rowing Squad. 

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