FBC Facilities Committee

Falcon Boat Club Facilities Commitee

As of Jan23, the Trustees have approved the creation of a Facilties Commitee with the goal of managing the site as a whole, including maintaining the site development plan, ensuring site (and especially building) maintenance and establishing policies and guidelines for use of the site.

The Facilities Commitee willl meet every 2 months, and issue minutes etc., posted on this this page.

Members Include (as of 10April23)

Nicholas Van Heer, Nick Kay, Dennis Stormont, John Hill, Jon Crooks, Collette Rhatigan, Lucy Ballard and David Salveson as Trustee Representative.

Feel free to approach a commitee member in case of need or complete this google form to submit a query/request. This email address should reach all commitee members.


Site Policies and Guidelines :


Facilities Commitee ToDo's

Site Maintenance - what do members need to do to "keep the place up" ?

Adornment of the Clubhouse - ideas for filling the empty spaces with beautiful things.

Clubhouse operating manual - how do we turn the external lights on ?


Minutes of Meetings

Jan23 : Introductory session, no minutes

25Apr23 : Draft minutes attached to this page.

29Sept : Draft minutes attached to this page.


Useful Information

Waste Removal Service

Waste collection is done by ODS as a commercial service - normally they collect the 4 wheelie bins every other week (odd week numbers in the calendar) on Wednesday (General Waste - Green wheelies) and Thursday mornings (Mixed recycing - Black wheelies) from Meadow Lane - the bins should be placed on the verge on the road side of the car park fence. There should also be notices in the Social Space and on each of the wheelies listing the collection days - its best to put the wheelies out on Tuesday evening of the correct week as the collections can be very early in the morning. If there is a need for a 'one of' special collection you can email ODS on [tradewaste@odsgroup.co.uk] - please copy the club treasurer (Jeff Bethray) to ensure he is aware of the extra charges we will incur. if you need to use the large blue&yellow M&M bin to hold the overflow bags make sure you have advised ODS and sent them a picture of the full set of bins to be collected so they know what they have to deal with. The key for the bins if they are locked is in the cupboard under the indoor stairs, on a hook just behind the door - big silver key for a triangular shaped keyhole.