Oxford Bangladeshi Boat Club (OBBC)

Falcon are pleased to host The Oxford Bangladeshi Boat Club (OBBC).

OBBC was established 2008 to provide the Oxford Bangladeshi Community access to river-based activities and a way to participate in one of the true Bangladeshi traditions.

Bangladesh is a river-rich country situated in southern Asia on the delta of the 2 largest rivers on the Indian subcontinent—the Ganges and Jamuna (Brahmaputra). The network of rivers and tributories have a huge impact on life and there\'s strong culture related to rivers and river festivals.

For many years, Falcon Boat Club has invited members of Oxford's Asian Community to their riverside meadow to picnic and try boating. Over time this led to the formation of the OBBC and the Annual Bangladeshi Boat Race which is held on the river at Donnington Bridge using traditional Bangladeshi Nowka Bais boats and supported by members of Falcon.