Rowing is a great sport to be involved in, whatever age you are or experience you have and Falcon offers the widest range of opportunities of all Oxford rowing clubs. We have four tiers to suit all levels of rowers and reflecting an opportunity to progress:

Beginners Rowing

Falcon Rowing Club runs regular weekend and occasional weekday Learn to Row Courses for Adults.  Full details are available here


Have a look at the Juniors' Squad pages which have lots of information about our junior rowing programme.

For more information on the juniors' rowing section please contact Nick Kenworthy Browne 

Recreational and Touring Rowing

Beyond beginner, Falcon offers a wide range of recreational rowing options focused on fun, fitness and friends. These are organised into Club groups to suit availability and preference: Daytime Rowing (no formal coached or planned sessions- but plenty of our club members take advantage of the quieter river and clubhouse. Speak to a coach if you want to find likeminded others), Weekend & Evening Rowing (Saturday and Sunday mornings plus Tuesday evenings during the summer), Touring Rowing (weekends and summer evenings plus longer expeditions on the Thames and further afield), Junior Rowing (Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons). We also have many competent DIY rowers who organise themselves. Falcon holds regular social events as well like riverside BBQ's, evenings at the local pub, the annual Christmas dinner, to name but a few.

Occasional Racing

Having built up sufficient confidence and competence, Falcon provides recreational rowers with the opportunity to occasionally test themselves in some of the “lighter” competitive races and regattas available locally; when an event is coming up, it really can add a little more focus and motivation to your training! We often find that once you’ve tried it, you “get the bug” but we want to make it clear that members are under no pressure from the Club to race if it’s not for them.

Competitive Racing

Falcon also offers racing opportunities on a serious, competitive basis for those who have the appetite for it and are willing and able to put in the necessary commitment; we have already produced some national champions and competition winners. Experienced, competitive rowers are also welcome as new members at Falcon who may find the environment and the flexibility we offer more to their liking.

Booking for outings and events

Members can log into the rowing outing and events booking system at Please note that the login is not the same as for this website

Club Sessions

Latest club sessions list for adults and juniors, on water and land.


Falcon Rowing Club also offers incredible value for money on membership and racking.

Please visit the Forms page to find the link to the current application form

Adult Membership £295
Student £180
Junior (Under 18) Membership £125
Junior Coaching £100 per term, invoiced in September £100 and February £200
Active Qualified Coach or Cox £50

Club Contacts

Please visit the Club Contacts page for a list of contacts.

River Safety

You should only row when it is safe to do so. See the river conditions page for more information.