About Falcon


For many years the River Thames in Oxford has been used as a place of leisure and pleasure, activity and competition.

Falcon is one of the oldest rowing clubs in Oxford. Since its foundation in 1869, the Club has provided a place for locals to come together, make friendships, learn new skills and keep fit.  Nowadays we offer rowing, canoeing and kayaking to the residents of Oxford and beyond. We continue to be a thriving club with strong links to our local community. We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for people to learn new boating skills, to train and compete or to just unwind and relax on the water. Our membership is open to all and the Falcon boathouse is a focal point for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy the river.

You’ll find us just upstream of Donnington Bridge in East Oxford (postcode for satnav is OX4 4BJ; see the contacts page for how to find us), where most Saturday and Sunday mornings, or weekday evenings in summer, you will find someone to chat to about rowing, kayaking or open canoeing.

All this wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our supporters.


Falcon was founded in 1869 making it 150 years old in 2019. A brief history of the club is attached.


You’ll find us just upstream of Donnington Bridge in East Oxford (postcode for satnav is OX4 4BJ), where most Saturday and Sunday mornings or weekday evenings you will find someone to chat to about rowing, kayaking or open canoeing.

Club Governance

Falcon Boat Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation run by a board of Trustees. Day to day club management of sporting activities are organised by the separate rowing and canoe/kayak sub-committees.

The Club Constitution is available here

The Trustees of the Falcon Boat Club (CIO - charity number 1186921 ) are:

  • David Salvesen
  • Nick Barnett (Chair)
  • Nick Herbert
  • Anna Railton
  • Jeff Bethray 
  • Cam Scarf
  • Tricia Nash


Falcon Boat Club - Mission, Vision and Values

Outlining our mission, vision and values defines the leadership and management ethos of the club. It brings focus when planning and helps to steer decision making and prioritization. It helps to bring people together through shared values and creates a ‘personality’ for the club, providing differentiation from other clubs

Our Mission

Falcon is a charity committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive club for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to enjoy rowing, kayaking and canoeing.

Our Vision

To offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for local people to come together and enjoy boating activities on the river.  

To provide a safe place for people to learn new boating skills, to exercise or just relax in nature.

To reach out to the local community and actively encourage involvement from every demographic, to overcome barriers and offer participation in a friendly, enthusiastic club.

To provide a supportive environment that empowers everyone to pursue their interest and reach their full potential.

To support the full range of members from novice to international athlete while remembering it’s our inclusiveness and charitable status that sets the tone. 

Our Values:

Values are the core beliefs that shape the way people behave and make decisions. They provide a framework for how members treat one another and how they treat others such as potential members and other clubs.