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Race Wins

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Race Results 2023-2024

Northampton Head of the Nene.

We took 4 crews to Northampton: J16 2x, OJ15 4x+, WJ15 2x, and OJ14 2x. Sadly only the first two were allowed to race due to difficult conditions and issues with safety. 

The J16 2x won their category, were 9th fastest out of all 152 crews, and were the fastest double on the water.

The OJ15 4x+ were a scratch crew with a J14 at stroke. They came second in their category and were 42nd out of 152 total racing crews.  

Race Results 2022-23

City of Oxford Royal and Sprints, 19th and 20th August - OPJ15-2x, OP1x, WJ16-1X and OPJ13-1x - all Gold medal winners!

Henley T&V, 27th July 2023  - J15-4x+ Gold

Ironbridge Regatta, 24th June 2023 - J15 4x+ Gold, J14 4x+ Gold, J18 1x Gold

Marlow Town Regatta, 1st June 2023 - WJ14 4x+, Silver ; WJ164x- Silver ; OJ14 4x+, Silver

National Schools, 26th May 2023 - J15 4x+, 16th out of 39 crews

Junior Sculling Regatta, 1st May 2023 - WJ14 2x, Bronze

Race Wins 2021-22

Oxford City Sprint, 21st August

Band 2 Open 1x  Yussuf

J16 1x  Will

J18 1x  Yussuf


Oxford City Royal Regatta, 20th August

J15 2x    Will   Finn

J15 1x    Will


British Rowing Junior Championships, 15th July

WJ15 1x  Lena - bronze 


Marlow Town Regatta, 11th June

WJ16 2x  Lena  Freya H

B2 J15 2x  Finn Will


Monmouth Sprint, 29th May

J14 2x  Francis  Noah

WJ14 2x  Erin  Laura

WJ15 1x  Lena

J18 1x  Sam


Marlow Spring Regatta, 30th April

J15 2x  Will  Finn

J15 4x+  Will  Finn  Noah  Francis

WJ13 4x+  Erin  Victoria  Nell  Charlotte  Lara T-A


Bedford Spring Small Boats Head, 10th April

Open 4x+  Daisy  Yussuf  Sam  Finn  Freddie

WJ15 4x+  Daisy  Lena  Freya U  Olivia  Matilda

WJ14 4x+  Laura  Victoria  Erin   Charlotte  Nell


Isis Winter League D, 6th February

2x  Joe  Peter

W 4x+  Maya  Freya U  Matilda  Freya B  Helena 


Isis Winter League D, 6th February

M 2x  Fin  Noah

W 2x  Elin  Rosie

W 4x+  Laura  Nell  Erin  Charlotte  Lara TA


Northampton Head of the Nene, 22nd January

B1 J18 1x  Ollie

WJ14 2x  Laura  Erin B

WJ16 1x  Gracie

WJ15 4x+  Daisy  Lena  Olivia  Elin B  Freya U

B2 J15 2x  Finn  Will

WJ17 2x  Gracie  Freya H

J14 1x  Noah

B1 WJ15 1x  Lena


Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head, 24th October

J18 1x  Yussuf

WJ16 1x Lena

W 4x+  Erin B  Elin B  Rosie  Isabella H  Christy


Isis Sculls, 11th September

WJ16 2x  Freya H  Lena

J18 1x  Yussuf

WJ15 4x+  Olivia  Matilda  Freya U  Daisy  Maya

J14 2x  Noah  Lucien

J17 2x  Sam  Joe

J15 2x  Finn WillF

WJ15 2x  Olivia  Freya U

WJ16 1x  Lena

J17 1x  Peter

WJ15 2x Novices   Sophie  Erin

WJ13 1x Novice   Victoria


Race Wins 2020-21

Kingston Borough Regatta, 11th July 

J13 2x  Francis Lucien


Race Wins 2019-20

Isis Winter League A, 1st November

W 4x+    Helena Rick   Rosie   Kiana   Elin B   Amelia

South England Indoor Rowing Championships, 9th February

J12 2min  Francis  gold!

J16 2K  Max  silver

J13 2K relay  Will F  Archie  Lucien  Francis  silver

J15 3K relay  Harrison  Alex  Lucas  Sam    silver

J16 3K relay  Harrison  Johnny  Jago  Ollie F  bronze

J12 2min  Lucien  bronze 

Northampton Head of the Nene, 18th January

J15 2x  Louis  Peter

J16 2x  Max  Toby S

J16 1x  Max

J15 4x+  Joe  Louis  Peter  Sam  Lucy

J16 4x  Max  Yussuf  Ollie F  TobyS 

Open 4x+  Louis  Ollie F  Jago  Kyran  Will F

Wycliffe Small Boats Head, 7th December

J18 1x  Seb S

J16 1x  Max

J16 2x  Max  Toby S

Open 1x  Seb S

Open 2x  Seb S

Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head, 13th October

J16 B2 1x  Max

J16 B2 2x  Ollie F & Kyran

Open B1 4x+  Max  Louis  Ollie F  Yussuf  Will F

Open 1x  Seb S

Isis Sculls, Saturday 14th September

J15 2x Peter & Joe

J16 1x Max

J16 4x- Max Toby Louis Yussuf

J16 4x+ Max Toby Kyran Yussuf Will F

J18 1x Seb S


Race Wins 2018-19

Oxford City Sprint, Sunday 18th August

J15 2x  Max Yussuf

J13 1x  Rishi

Oxford Royal Regatta, Saturday 17th August

Open 1x  Seb S

Marlow Town Regatta, Saturday 15th June

J15 1x Div C  Max

J15 4x+ Div B  Alex  Toby S  Ollie  Yussuf  Max

J14 4x+  Div B  Alex  Joe  Tino  Louis  Sam T

Monmouth Regatta, Saturday 25th May

J18 1x Seb S

J14 2x Louis Sam T

Marlow Spring Regatta, Monday 6th May

J17 1x Seb S

National Junior Sculling Regatta, Sunday 28th April

J14 2x  Joe  Sam T

Abingdon Head, Sunday 14th April

J17 Band 2 1x Seb S

J15 Band 2 1x Max

J14 2x Peter Sam T

South England Indoor Rowing Championships, Sunday 10th February

J14 4 minutes Toby P

J15 3000m Team Relay  Ollie  Toby P Toby S  Tom 

Northampton Head of the Nene, Saturday 19th January

J17 4x-  Yussuf Max Tom Toby S

J14 2x  Louis Joe

J17 1x  Seb S

J15 2x  Yussuf Toby S

J15 1x Max

J14 1x Louis

J15 4x+ Yussuf Tom Toby S Max Sam T

J17 2x  Seb S Sam S

British Rowing Indoor Championships, Saturday 8th December

Year 9 Boys 500m  Toby P silver

Year 9 Boys 4mins Toby P gold

Burway Small Boats Head, Saturday 1st December

J15 Band 1 2x  Max, Kyran

WJ15 Band 2 2x  Anisha, Megan

J14 2x  Toby P, Louis

J14 1x  Toby P

Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head, Sunday 14th October

J15 Band 2 1x  Toby P

J15 Band 2 2x  Yussuf, Toby S

Isis Sculls, Saturday 15th September

J15 2x   Yussuf, Toby S


Race Wins 2017-18

Oxford City Sprint, Sunday 19th August

J13 1x Toby P

Marlow Town Regatta, Saturday 16th June

J14 4x+ Div D  Jiao, Tom, Toby P, Kyran, Louis

Monmouth Regatta, Saturday 26th May

J14 2x Tom, Toby P

J14 4x+  Jiao, Tom, Toby P, Jamie and Louis

Bedford Small Boats Head, Sunday 8th October

J16B 1x Seb

Band 1 doubles Seb, Lorcan

Band 2 doubles Alex, Patrick

Isis Sculls, Saturday 16th September

IM2 1x Martin, Aengus

J18 4x Lorcan, Joe, Josh, Seb

J17 2x Lorcan, Joe

WJ16 1x Amina

J13 1x Toby P

Race Wins 2016-17

Egham Regatta, Sunday 25th June

J18 1x Martin

Marlow Town Regatta, Saturday 10th June

WJ15B 4x+ Maisy, Grace, Liv, Jiao, c Toby S

Monmouth Sprint Regatta, Sunday 28th May

IM2 1x Martin

IM3 1x Lorcan

J18 1x Martin

WNov 2x Becky, Amina

J16 2x Joe, Lorcan

J15 2x Seb, Josh

J15 1x Seb

Monmouth Regatta, Saturday 27th May

IM1 2x Matt, Aengus

Nov 2x Joe, Lorcan

IM3 1x Martin

J18 1x Martin

National Junior Sculling Regatta, Sunday 14th May

Bronze: J17 1x Martin

Marlow Spring Regatta, Monday 1st May

WNov 2x Emily, Cicely

WJ13 2x Megan, Anisha

Abingdon Head, Sunday 9th April

Women's Band 1 2x Cicely, Molly

J13 4x+ Toby S, Varun, Tom C, Ben, c Jude

J14 1x Josh B

Northampton Head, Saturday 21st January

J13 4x+ Toby S, Tom C, Oscar, Roshan c Joe M

WJ13 4x+ Megan, Anisha, Emma, Marina, c Cicely

Nov 4x+ James M, James K, Jack, Matt N, c Emily

WNov 2x Emily, Cicely

J16 2x Joe M, Lorcan

J13 2x Varun, Kyran

IM3 1x Martin (and fastest sculler of the day)

Nov 1x Alex

J17 1x Martin

WJ15 1x May

WJ13 1x Megan

Isis Sculls, Saturday 17th September

IM3 4x- Josh, Matt, Martin, Joel

Nov 2x Joe M, Gabe

J16 2x Ed, Gabe

J15 1x Ed

WNov 4x Molly, Emily, May, Cicely

Race Wins 2015-16

City of Oxford Sprint, Sunday 21st August

J14 1x Ed

City of Oxford Regatta, Saturday 20th August

J15 2x Ed, Lorcan

Egham Regatta, Sunday 26th June

J16 1x Martin

WJ15B 4x+ Emily, Cicely, Molly, May, c Becky

Marlow Town Regatta, Saturday 11th June

Nov 2x Josh, Joel

Nov 1x Martin

J15 2x Ed, Gabe 

Junior Inter-Regional Regatta, Saturday 23rd April

Silver: J14 1x Ed 

Junior Inter-Regional Trials, Saturday 12th March

J14 1x Ed

WJ14 1x May 

Bedford Fours and Eights Head, Sunday 14th February

Nov 4x- Josh, Martin, Rory, Joel

Nov 4x+ Luca R, Patrick, Alex, Matei, c Guillaume A 

Northampton Head of the Nene, Saturday 23rd January

J14 1x Ed

J15 1x Gabe

J15 2x Ed, Gabe

J15 4x+ Joe M, Joe B, Gabe, Lorcan, c Ellie

J16 1x Martin

J16 2x Martin, Joel

J16 4x- Josh, Martin, Rory, Joel

Nov 1x Ed P

IM2 2x Matt, Aengus

WJ15 1x Cicely 

Marlow Long Distance Sculls, Saturday 24th October

J16 4x Josh, Martin, Rory, Joel 

Bedford Fours and SBH, Sunday 11th October

J16 2x Joel, Rory

J16 1x Martin 

Isis Sculls, Saturday 19th September

Head of the River: J16 4x- Josh, Martin, Rory, Joel

J16 2x Martin, Josh

J16 1x Martin 

J15 4x+ Fabien, Dan, Aeneas, Joe B, c Joe M

J15 2x Gabe, Ed S 

Nov 2x Tom H, Ben

WJ15 2x Emily, Cicely


Race Wins 2014-15

City of Oxford Royal Regatta, Saturday 15th August

IM3 2x Aengus, Ed H (Hinksey) 

Marlow Town Regatta, Saturday 13th June

WNov 4x Fin, Vicki, Fran, Marleigh 

Blenheim Palace Regatta, Saturday 6th June


J13 1x Ed S

J12 4x+ Arthur, Conrad, Matthew N, Flynn, c Joe M 

National Schools Regatta, Friday 22nd-Sunday 24th May


WJ14 2x Emily, Cicely

J15 1x Gabe

J15 2x Martin, Josh 

Abingdon Head, Sunday 12th April 

WJ17 2x Ellie, Maddie

J14 1x Gabe

Junior Inter-Regional Trials, Saturday 21st March

J14 1x Gabe 

Bedford Fours and Eights Head, Sunday 15th February

J15 4x+ Tom H, Martin, Rory, Joel, c Joe M 

Northampton Head of the Nene, Saturday 24th January 

J14 4x+ Tijs, Joe M, Aeneas, Gabe, c Paula

J14 1x Gabe 

WJ14 2x Emily, Cicely

J15 4x+ Josh, Martin, Rory, Joel, c Joe M

J15 2x Rory, Joel

J15 1x Tom H

WJ16 2x Millie, Ciara

IM2 2x Ed, Adam 

Henley Sculls Head, Saturday 15th November

WJ14 1x Emily 

Upper Thames Autumn Head, Sunday 26th October

J15 2x Joel, Rory 

Isis Sculls, Saturday 20th September

WJ14 1x Emily

J14 4x+ Dan, Harry, Joe M, Joe B, c Chris 

J14 1x Gabe

J15 1x Joel

Nov 4x+ James, Tom H, Martin, Josh, c Kieran


Race Wins 2013-14

Oxford City Sprints, Sunday 17th August

IM3 2x Matt, Aengus 

Oxford City Royal Regatta, Saturday 16th August

J14 2x Joel, Peter 

National Championships of Great Britain, Saturday 19th-Sunday 20th July

Silver: J16 2- Matt, Aengus  

Bedford Sprint Regatta, Sunday 13th July

IM3 2- Matt, Aengus

Nov 1x Tom D

J16 1x Tom D 

Marlow Town Regatta, Saturday 14th June 

J14 2x Joel, Rory

J14 4x+ Peter, Martin, Rory, Joel, c Kieran

Nov 2x Matt, Aengus

Nov 4+ Ed, Dominic, Noah, Will, c Chris 

National Schools Regatta, Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th May

Semi Finalists:

J14 2x Rory, Martin

J16 1x Tom D

J16 2x Matt, Aengus 

Marlow Spring Regatta, Monday 5th May

J13 2x Gabe, Aeneas 

Abingdon Head, Sunday 6th April

Nov 2x Matt, Aengus

J14 4x+ Tom H, Martin, Rory, Peter, Kieran (c) 

Junior Inter-Regional Trials (Thames Upriver), Saturday 22nd March

J14 4x+ Tom H, Martin, Rory, Joel, Kieran (c) 

Upper Thames Fours and Small Boats Head, Sunday 27th October

J18 4- Aengus, Will, Tom D, Matt 

Isis Sculls, Saturday 21st September

Mx IM3 4x- Maddie, Matt T, Aengus, Ellie 

Nov 4x+ Matt P, Jack, Noah, Dominic, c.Jago

WNov 4x+ Maisie, Ruby, Rachel, Paula, c.Bonnie

J16 4x- Matt T, Tom D, Ed, Aengus (2nd fastest time of the day)

J16 2x Tom D, Will

J16 1x Tom D 

J14 1x Joel


Race Wins 2012-13

Oxford City Sprints, Sunday 18th August

WJ16 2x Ellie, Maddie 

Oxford City Royal Regatta, Saturday 17th August

WJ16 2x Ellie, Maddie 

Abingdon Head, Sunday 14th April

J13 2x Tom H, Joel 

Upper Thames Fours and Small Boats Head, Sunday 28th October

J15 2x Kanhai, Matt 

Isis Sculls, Saturday 22nd September

J15 4x+ Billy, Matt, Ed, Aengus, c.Chris

WJ15 1x Ellie

J15 2x Billy, Alex (racing for Magdalen College School)

J15 1x Kanhai (racing for Magdalen College School)