Falcon official colours and fonts


Where possible the club colours should form a square 'flag' divided diagonally into 4 e.g. as per the image on the top left https://falconboatclub.org.uk.

teal: C100, M0, Y31, K23  nearest match PMS 3135 (lighter) PMS3145 (darker).

yellow: C0, M24, Y94, K0 nearest match PMS 123 (ok)

As the blade decals are printed digitally quite often the 4 colour representation does not convert well from the pantone and there will be colour shift.

Screen printing (economical in larger numbers) should result in a more accurate colour. 

If in any doubt, request a sample and match to the doors of the new clubhouse.

Background information

The colours were stated as being Pantone 123 and 321, probably referring to the C (coated) versions, but a slightly different colour has been used recently as given above


The Falcon Boat Club in the logo should be in Avenir.