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19 Oct 23

It's currently possible to place pre-orders for both casual kit at this link:

and Primal technical kit at this link:

Both windows close at 1100hrs 03 Nov.


Welcome to the Kit page for Falcon Canoeists and Kayakers - you don't have to be a canoeist or kayaker to purchase this kit but it's shown in the Canoeing/Kayaking section as it's compliant with the British Canoeing racing standards.

We have 3 main sources for kit excluding providers of specific accessories:

  • Race Vests and T-shirts: Falcon Kayakers must wear one of these or a gilet at all Hasler and Sprint races plus other select races. Please ask if you're not clear if Falcon colours must be worn at a specific race. We keep these in stock in a range of sizes. We take cash/card at point of sale.
  • High-end Technical and Training Kit: in collaboration with Falcon rowers, we are offering Falcon branded technical kit provided by Primal: This is quality kit with a higher price tag - when worn with the gilet or race T/Vest, it is race compliant for Falcon Kayakers - please note, it is not race compliant for Falcon Rowers. To purchase, you need to order directly with Primal when we have an order window open with them. At checkout, you can either pay for delivery or get them delivered to the Team Manager (Amie) for free. Please ask for details or check flyers around the Boathouse and this website page for when order windows are open.
  • Casual Kit: branded with Falcon logos for wearing socially. Most of this kit is cotton and is therefore not recommended for use on the water. We take pre-orders and try to offer quality casual kit at affordable prices. Payment is by cash/card on collection please.

To purchase kit please email Amie at Club Kit or ask at the Cafe on Saturday mornings.


**New Kit Store**

We now have a dedicated area to store kit upstairs in the new boathouse and new stock is coming in soon. Watch this space.

Please email Amie at Club Kit if you have any queries. More detail below under Casual Kit.


Falcon Base-Layer and Thermal Leggings - Order window is open until 1100hrs 03 Nov. Delivery expected 15 Dec 23.

In collaboration with the rowers, we are now offering two new items for training in the colder weather. Whilst these items may be suitable for racing in colder weather, please be advised that they are not compliant with race standards on their own. 

LS Base layer top and Thermal Leggings are now available in a range of sizes through our online shop with Primal. Order window is open until 1100hrs 03 Nov. Delivery expected 15 Dec 23. Please advise if you are interested in this kit as we can open a new window when there is sufficient demand.

Long-sleeved wicking base layer £35.99


Thermal leggings with zipped ankles £65



Falcon Gilets - order window is open until 1100hrs 03 Nov. Delivery expected 15 Dec 23.

Wind and water resistant, lightweight and in Falcon Race Colours! Gilets are now available to pre-order in a range of sizes through our online shop with Primal.

Gilets retail at £55 each and all monies/orders are handled by Primal and not Falcon.

Sizing information is on the Primal site in the link provided for the Gilet. 



Club Vests/T-Shirts

If you're racing at either Sprints or Hasler events, it is essential that you wear a Club Vest, Club T-shirt or Gilet whilst racing. We keep both the Race Vests and T-shirts in stock in a range of sizes and the Vests are also available in a Ladies specific fit.

T-shirts £18



Vests £17



As an alternative to the race kit above, we also have Falcon 150 T-shirts celebrating 150yrs of Falcon Boat Club. Last 2 remaining: size 2XL - sale price £10.





Falcon Buffs are available to purchase through the shop for £5




Available to purchase in different colours as shown - £25



Casual Kit


Good quality cotton Hoodie with Falcon embroidery to the front and Falcon Oxford printed to the rear.

Black available in Unisex and Ladies fits, Blue only available in Unisex. £28





Good quality cotton sweatshirt with Falcon embroidery to the front and Falcon Oxford printed to the rear.

Available in a Unisex fit £25.




Good quality cotton T-shirt with Falcon embroidery to the front and Falcon Oxford printed to the rear.

Available in Teal and Black. Teal available in Unisex sizes. Black available in Unisex and Ladies fits £16.





Baseball Hats

Available in a single size with Falcon embroidery on the front. Six panel caps £13, Five panel caps £12.


Bobble Hats

Available in a single size with Falcon Flag embroidery on the front. £15



Sale T-shirts

Last 1 remaining - unisex size XL with embroidered logo to the front. Sale price £5 each.