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28/12/21 Clubhouse bay 4, C2 and kayak store aerial photos

Latest photos of the clubhouse construction from late December 2021

01/02/19 Enya Dale selected to train for Olympics

Falcon young kayaker Enya Dale has been selected to train for the Olympics. Read more on the Oxford Mail.

14/01/19 Minimum fuss, maximum friendliness - Canoe Focus magazine on Falcon

"How Falcon offers paddlesports for all". An excellent article about how Falcon provides paddling for all has been published in Canoe Focus magazine. You can read the article here


For those of you who missed the bulk order last month, you can now purchase them directly from the supplier HERE

07/01/16 Falcon Newsletter Issue 14

The final Falcon Newsletter! Click on the image to access the pdf.

02/11/15 Newsletter Issue 14: call for contributions

Since the last Newsletter there has been a lot of water under the bridge (ho ho!) And there are lots of good things coming up: the Falcon 70s night, senior socials, the Christmas dinner, the junior Christmas event and many weeks of circuit training (what bliss!) It would be great to have all this and much more in the next Newsletter. So please, please send me all your pictures and articles: Deadline for submissions is Friday 15 November.

13/10/15 Henley Hasler results

Congratulations to all who paddled at the Henley hasler at the weekend. We did it - Falcon managed to win again and we're are off to a flying start to the new Hasler season with two wins out of two.

We had some amazing results with Lizzie, Julia, Kitty, Izzy, Jeremy, Thomas, Nick K and Dennis all getting maximum 20 points each. Followed by Andy, Tessa, Catherine, Anna E-S, Mike, Julian and David W all getting 19 points. Rebecca and Alan both got 18 points...

Lizzie and Andy promoted to Div 5, Tessa and Rebecca to Div 7 and Julia to Div 8.

22/09/15 Hasler Finals 2015

The Hasler Finals on Sunday (20 September) was a great day of racing. Wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help, and it was really nice to work do well with Banbury.


Great work from all 28 (!) lightning paddlers who raced, many for the first time. You did us very proud. Special mention to Harry for 2nd in the U10 boys & Katie 3rd in the U10 girls.


06/09/15 Vicky Arms paddle - a fine day out!

Photos from the Vicky Arms paddle. In total we had 14 people in K2s plus 3 in K1s and 1 C1. Plus 4 others who came to the pub but couldn't paddle for various reasons. Great weather, relaxed social paddle on the way out, a prolonged sprint on the way back! Click on the photo for the Facebook album.

06/09/15 Falcon Newsletter Issue 13

No rowing news I'm afraid!

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