Henley Hasler results

Congratulations to all who paddled at the Henley hasler at the weekend. We did it - Falcon managed to win again and we're are off to a flying start to the new Hasler season with two wins out of two.

We had some amazing results with Lizzie, Julia, Kitty, Izzy, Jeremy, Thomas, Nick K and Dennis all getting maximum 20 points each. Followed by Andy, Tessa, Catherine, Anna E-S, Mike, Julian and David W all getting 19 points. Rebecca and Alan both got 18 points...

Lizzie and Andy promoted to Div 5, Tessa and Rebecca to Div 7 and Julia to Div 8.

Thanks to all who raced on the day - it was a true team effort and thanks again to Keith and Jo for bank support and taking the trailer.

Full results are here.