Operation GAS TAP (Georgia and Sophie: Thames in A Pair).

From Wednesday next week (21st July), Sophie and Georgia will be attempting to row the length of the navigable, non-tidal Thames in a pair.  That means they will be rowing from Lechlade to Teddington.  All in aid of raising funds for our new clubhouse.  They are aiming to raise £500 through this crazy venture (although really they should aim for a £1000), and hope that you will be crazy enough to sponsor them.  You can do so on their Just Giving page: http://bit.ly/30BAy7M 


To put some numbers around this:

 -  128 miles

 -  5 days

 -  26 miles a day (yep, a marathon a day) 


We're mad. You think we're mad.  So go on, sponsor us: http://bit.ly/30BAy7M


Georgia and Sophie